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Golden Age Texts


Poetics and Literary Theory


Miscellaneous ilustrations

Illustrations to accompany, Allen, John J.  "The World of the Comedia," Comedia Performance 2007 Spring; 4(1), pp. 15-34.

  1. Corral de Almagro today
  2. Corral de Almagro.  The Stage in 1953, as discovered
  3. Corral de Almagro.  Actual Ground Plan (left) and Hildy Hypothetical Ground Plan
  4. Corral de Almagro.  Hypothetical Original Vestuario Facade (Frank Hildy)
  5. Corral del Príncipe.  Reconstruction with ground floor of fvacade building...
  6. Teatro Español.  Madrid
  7. Ground Plans of the Corral del Príncipe and the Teatro Español, Compared
  8. Hypothetical staging of El gran teatro del mundo
  9. Lope Staging of a Monte Compared with Allen Monte
  10. Corral del Príncipe as Redesigned by Enrique Nuere (Museo del Teatro, Almagro)
  11. Corral del Príncipe (Allen model [top] vs. Nuere model [below]).  Transverse Cut
  12. Corral del Príncipe.  Nuere Model.  Angle View
  13. Corral del Príncipe.  Nuere Model (interior).  Cf. patio and gradas in Image 5
  14. Teatro Cervantes.  Facade, under soportales, on the Plaza de Cervantes
  15. Teatro Cervantes.  Lobby.
  16. Teatro Cervantes.  Patio and Stage before Restoration
  17. Teatro Cervantes.  Windows Overlooking the Stage (lateral party wall, stage right)
  18. Teatro Cervantes.  Two Spectators' Boxes with Access from Neighboring Houses (stage left)
  19. Teatro Cervantes.  Restored Stage Showing Patio, Well, Gradas & Lateral Platforms
  20. Teatro Cervantes.  Restored Stage with Projection Lateral Gradas beneath Elliptical Boxes
  21. Teatro Cervantes.  Restored Vestuario Facade (balcon de las apariencias)
  22. Teatro Cervantes.  Support Posts beneath Stage and Replica Wind Machine
  23. Teatro Cervantes.  Original caxuela Design, Modeled on the Corral de la Cruz
  24. Teatro Cervantes.  Patio and Two Floors of Galleries Seen from the STage
  25. Teatro Cervantes.  Lateral Galleries, Stage Right
  26. Teatro Cervantes.  Roof and Catwalks Seen from the Patio
  27. Press Release, June 2004

Theaters of the Seventeenth-Century

House of Trials, directed by David Pasto at Oklahoma City University and El Chamizal

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