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Laura L. Vidler

1. Monographs:

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2. Collections and Homage volumes:

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3. Editions and Anthologies:

Mujica, Barbara. Play and Playtext: A New Anthology of Early Modern Spanish Theater. New Haven: Yale UP (forthcoming).

4. Articles:

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Vidler, Laura.  “Towards a Model of Historical Staging Reconstruction of Spanish Golden Age Theater:  Fabia in Lope de Vega's El caballero de Olmedo,” The Theater of Teaching and the Lessons of Theater, Domnica Radulescu, ed.  Lexington Books:  Lanham, MD, 2005, pp. 63-78.

 ---.  “What Every Comediante Mentor Should Know,” Bulletin of the Comediantes, 2004, Vol. 56(1):  169-174.

5. Interviews:

6. Performance Reviews:

7. Book Reviews:

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